What is JackWagon Surfers?

We started as novice WakeSurfers - surfing behind a boat. We've seen the Pro surfers and we're nowhere near that good. So how to classify our skills? We've embraced the term JackWagon Surfers. We hope you will too.
Step 1.
If you are just getting started learning to Wake Surf, we recommend the 'getting started videos' on Wake9.com
Step 2.
We want to see pictures and videos of your wipeouts - make sure you are wearing your JackWagon Surfers gear.
Step 3.
Send us your best JackWagon moments and we'll share it with the world. Become famous or infamous.

Our Team

As "Chairman of the Board", Dave is responsible for most of the epic fails on the team.
As two-time medal winner in the NWWSA surfing competition, calling her a JackWagon Surfer is a stretch. But she begged us...
Another two-time medal winner in the NWWSA surfing competition. 
Founding member of the JackWagon Surfers. Tom (AKA Rattlesnake) is always ready to show his “skills.”
Nicole AKA Vape Nation is the trainer - she'll get ya up. and keep you up
Chunky is the wipeout master.


Mark is a founding member and one of the most prolific in JackWagon fails.
Jeff AKA OC (Orange County) is a founding member and one of the best in JackWagon dismounts.

The Goods

Nothing quite says JackWagon like the traditional JackWagon Surfers T-shirt.
Hoody Sweatshirt
For relaxing times, make it JackWagon Sweatshirt times.
Trailer Hitch
Show the world that you're a JackWagon Surfer with our new Trailer Hitch. So even when you're not pulling your boat, everyone will know that you are one of the few, the proud, the JackWagons.
Baseball Cap
The killer cap for every JackWagon. Show the world that you have joined the revolution.
Drink it in. That delicious feeling of being a JackWagon! Also available as a beer stein!
Feel free to cover your board, your boat or your spouse in stickers.
iPhone Case
Want to be immediately transformed into the most popular person in the world? No problem. All you need is this iPhone case. Done.
Limited Edition Shirt
This one is going into retirement. If you want it, better buy it quick!

Why Buy?

Low Prices for Surfing Gear.
Quality products built to order.
Join the movement.
Embrace your craptasticness       
Designed by JackWagon Surfers.
Lovingly created for you.

Are you a JackWagon Surfer?

Have you experienced any of the following?
  • Your best trick is throwing the rope

    Caught a beer while surfing

    Dodging the speed buoys is hard